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Welcome to Smart Gardening, here you can find and compare both cheap garden tools and quality garden equipment from the leading UK Garden shops.

Need some practical gardening advice and help choosing the right garden machinery and garden tools? Check out our garden articles including buying hedge cutters, chainsaws, and children's garden tools. There is also all the information you need to help choose and buy a lawnmower or ride-on garden lawn tractor. For everyday garden tools such as spades, trowels and wheelbarrows, you'll find everything you need in our garden hand tool section.

Fruit Cages & Protection

Need help protecting your hard work? See our ranges of fruit and vegetable cages for the ultimate in protection from birds, insects and pests. Choose from aluminium fruit cages, steel framed fruit cages and specially designed strawberry and vegetable cages, There's also a great range bits and pieces to create your own DIY fruit cage for a custom fit.

Fencing and Screening

Nearly every garden has a fence and at some point it will need replacing or repairing. See our guide to garden fencing with panels for all you need to know to buy fence panels and how to put your new fence up. If your wooden fence posts have seen better days, see our concrete fence spur repair guide. For an alternative to traditional garden fencing, how about natural garden screening, hazel or bamboo fencing instead?

Sheds & Garden Storage

Everyone needs somewhere to keep their tools and machinery and there are a huge variety of garden sheds, outbuildings and garden storage available to buy online. Choose from wooden, plastic and metal sheds in addition to a wide selection of general plastic garden storage storage for tools, lawnmowers and bikes.

Garden Articles

Compost Bins & Accessories

Learn how to turn your kitchen and garden waste into useful compost with our guide to composting. Looking to buy a compost bin? We feature a huge selection from wooden compost bins and tumbling composters through to plastic compost bins and composting accessories, stirrers and aerators.

Raised Beds for Vegetable Growing

The easiest way to start your own vegetable garden is to buy a raised bed. Here at Smart Gardening you'll find plastic raised bed kits and a large choice of timber raised beds in all sizes and depths. For added plant protection, browse our range of garden cloches for vegetable and plants.

Garden Ponds

One of the nicest additions to any garden is a pond. To help to maintain your pond and keep it suitable for fish, we feature a range of pond equipment from solar powered pond pumps and filters through to pond vacs. We can also help you choose and buy the right pond filter or pond pump for your needs. If you're thinking about building a pond yourself, see our range of flexible and rigid pond liners.