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Home » Beds and Planting » Cloches & Plant Protection

Cloches & Plant Protection

Garden Cloches.

A Garden Cloche is the perfect answer to crop production in the British climate. With unpredictable weather to contend with, as well as an array of hungry garden mini-beasts, new crops will benefit from the shelter, warmth and protection that a Cloche can offer.

No matter what size your garden is, or what you are growing there is a closhe to suit your needs. Small cloches for seedlings and new plants, or larger cloches to cover a whole area of planting, with so many varieties on offer a cloche can save you time and money, keeping your plants healthy and protected all year round. Just think about what type of plants you are growing, and the area you need to cover, and you will easily choose the right cloche for the right plant, season or purpose.

Cloches for Ground Cover and Raised Beds.

The compact 1m Square Cloche is perfect for covering crops on the ground, or in a raised bed. Designed with strength and longevity in mind, this cloche is simple to assemble, once the aluminium frame has been slotted together, just fasten the clear, weather-resistant plastic on with the velcro-ties and the cloche is complete. With a net also available to slip over the frame, you can be sure to keep your crops insulated in the colder months, and bug free in the summer. 

The Link-a-Bord and Square Cloche Kit combines a complete raised bed and matching cloche kit. This fantastic combination is a perfect introduction to growing your own produce successfully. By bringing you the benefit of the perfect planting area as well as the protective covering, you can be sure that your crops will be warm, healthy, and pest free, giving you a bed full of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Individual Cloches and  Kitchen Garden Cloches.

Everybody loves to enjoy the feeling of achieving the perfect flowers, fruits or vegetables. With these small cloches, you can protect even a single plant with great ease.

The Kitchen Garden Cloche will provide an attractive and practical addition to any garden. Complete with an adjustable air-vent and a stylish black frame, this cloche will provide the warmth that your crops need to grow, as well as creating a classic look for the kitchen garden. Now only the humans will enjoy the taste of your crops, the insects will have to find another garden to dine in!

Using Blanching Cloches will block out sunlight, allowing your leeks or spring onions the darkness they need to create the perfect example of a beautiful and tasty, white body. Good value and simple to use, the vegetable gardener will be delighted with this garden accessory.

Perfect for the allotment gardener, Mini Greenhouse Cloches are available in packs of two, and will provide warmth and shelter from adverse weather conditions, whilst keeping your plants pest-free. The great advantage to these individual cloches is that they do not require any assembly, and have an adjustable air vent. So if the weather changes quickly, the cloche can simply be placed over the plant and removed again as required.

If rhubarb is your chosen delicacy, then the clever Rhubarb Forcer will give you high quality, delicious rhubarb. Frost resistant, and a stylish addition to your garden, the terracotta will not date, creating a wonderful country classic look to be enjoyed. Choosing this will no doubt enhance your rhubarb production too, so all you need now is the custard!

Stylish Garden Cloches.

If you want to keep your plants happy, as well as enhance the design of your garden, choosing an Ornamental Pyramid Cold Frame will do just that. Available in three sizes, and with a choice of clear or net panels, the frame can be used all year round. Protect from the weather by creating warmth and shelter, then protect from visiting birds, bugs and insects with a net too.  With its classic design, this luxurious cloche will appeal to anyone who wants to create their very own mini Kew Gardens.

If you want to create a modern look in your garden, whilst still providing the protection your plants need, then take a look at the Bamboo Bell Cloches. These unusual, yet practical cloches will create an interesting feature in the garden as well as giving protection from larger animals such as rabbits, foxes and deer, or even your very own pets. The great value set of three different sizes will ensure there is a bamboo cloche to suit each plant.

Insect and Weather Protection Cloches.

If you have lots of crops to protect at home or on the allotment, the Mini Greenhouse Cloche Tunnel and the Longrow Super Cloche are perfect for you. Create long tunnels to protect your valuable vegetables and seedlings, adding as many of these as you wish, as when you need to. You can also use the High Top Hoops to interchange from weather protection to insect protection, adding plastic sheeting or netting according to your plants current needs. The fantasticSolar Cloches are also a great way to enhance the warmth that surrounds your crops, harnessing sunlight to help your grow-bag crops to establish into fine fruits and vegetables.