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Home » Beds and Planting » Raised Plastic Beds

Raised Plastic Beds

Plastic Raised Beds.

A Raised Bed will give any garden an instant uplift. Within minutes you can create the perfect area to begin growing whatever plants you desire. Particularly well designed for growing vegetables, the raised bed gives you the opportunity to save money by grow your very own delicious, organic produce all year round.

The advantage of a raised bed is that it can be placed anywhere in the garden, on either a soft or hard surface. So if the sun shines on your patio, you can just place a raised bed in that area, add your favourite plants and enjoy the result without having to dig any holes or ruin any paving.

Raised Bed Herb Garden.

If growing herbs appeals to your senses, a raised bed will be perfect for creating an aromatic, culinary addition to your garden. Herbs are fast growing and some can spread far and wide, but a raised bed will allow you to contain your herbs, stopping them from strangling other plants.

With the raised bed you also have the option to position your plants, vegetables or herbs in a place that is easy to access, allowing you to easily tend to every new shoot. The raised bed also brings great benefit to any one concerned about their back, with less distance to bend than ground level planting this innovation is a great option for all gardeners.

Plastic Raised Beds.

One of the advantages of choosing a plastic raised bed is the long-lasting, weatherproof nature of the materials used. A plastic Raised Bed will not rot, fade or be affected by frost, making it a fantastic value, maintenance free planting area for your garden. Alongside this, the dark colour absorbs heat, efficiently heating the soil inside the bed, and promoting growth for the plants inside. From the smallest to the largest garden, the flexibility in sizing of a plastic raised bed, means there is one to suit every garden need.

Mini Raised Bed.

A fantastic starting point for any new gardener, a perfect addition for a compact garden, or even a special planting area for keen green-fingered children, Mini Raised Beds are perfect for growing vegetables, or tending to your seedlings. Coming complete with its own aluminium plant support, this bed will allow you to grow climbing plants, such as peas and beans with great ease. Good value for money and built to last, this bed will suit anyone with an interest in gardening.

Link-a-Bord Kits and Components.

The innovative Link-a-Bord Kits and Components are an ingenious development in Raised Beds. The kit comes ready to be assembled, which will not require any tools, nails or screws. Designed to last, the manufacturer states that the tough plastic can expect to last at least 20 years, making this a very good value choice. The size of the Link-a-Bord bed can be chosen to suit you, either pick a complete kit from a choice of four sizes, or pick individual components to build a bed of a unique size, designed to fit your garden.

The Link-a Bord Kits come with a variety of bonus features, if you choose the Link-a-Bord and Square Cloche Kit you will provide warmth and protection for your pants throughout the seasons. The Link-a-Bord Kit with Insect Mesh Netting gives great protection from unwanted mini beasts and birds, allowing you to produce fruit and vegetables without invasion from any garden pests, whilst the Link-a-Bord Kit with Butterfly Netting allows your vegetables to develop without the risk of becoming breakfast lunch and dinner for the very hungry caterpillar.

Garland Raised Bed Kit.

Constructed in durable plastic these beds are good value and long-lasting, often come in kit form and can be assembled in minutes. Starting from the most compact bed in this range, the Garland Plastic Raised Bed Kit 1m x 1m is the perfect Raised Bed for the gardening beginner, or for a small space. Meanwhile the Garland Plastic Raised Bed Kit with Frame promises simple assembly, as well as the benefit of a supportive aluminium frame, which can also be used as a climbing plant support. Starting at a capacity of 116 litres, this kit is available in various sizes according to your garden needs, making it the perfect addition to any garden, large or small.

Garland Raised Bed Extension Kit.

A distinct advantage of choosing a Garland Plastic Raised Bed, is that should you decide to increase your planting area, you can simply attach the Extension Kit for Garlands plastic Raised Beds, creating more surface area for planting, without having to make separate beds.

Circular Plastic Raised Bed.

A sophisticated feature for your garden can be easily created with the Large Tiered Circular Raised Bed. The three tiers are very easy to assemble, just place on top each other, add soil and  choice of plants, and within a short time you will have a talking point that is a stylish and practical addition to your garden.