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Home » Cages & Netting » Aluminium Garden Fruit & Veg Cages

Aluminium Garden Fruit & Veg Cages

Aluminium Fruit Cages.

Creating a a good amount of home-grown fruit can be a challenge when you are constantly fighting an invasion of birds bugs and beasts. After all who wouldn't like to have a taste of your delicious healthy crops? If you would prefer to share your fruit on your terms, installing a fruit cage is a must for you, the discerning gardener.

The fantastic benefit of choosing an aluminium fruit cage is the great value protection your crops will gain, ultimately saving you both time and money in the long run. Low cost but strong and hard wearing, these cages are available in many sizes and shapes, ensuring that there is a design to suit your garden needs. Perhaps you have a particular size in mind, well this personal requirement can be achieved too; with bespoke cages available why not design your own cage specifically engineered to meet your needs. 

In addition to the fantastically good value of aluminum, these cages also bring you great flexibility. You can place an aluminium fruit cage on either a flat or slightly sloping surface, and the light-weight property of this material will allow you to install the cage without too much effort.

With components sold separately you can also choose the netting you require to prevent specific types of garden pests from attacking your fruit. If it is birds that you need to protect from, choose a heavy duty netting, whilst finer netting material will be suitable to protect from insects and butterflies. These cages also provide the benefit of allowing you to dissemble them for easy storage over the winter, or to add extensions as your garden grows and develops.

Walk-in Aluminium Fruit Cage

To gain easy access to your crops, choose a walk-in fruit cage. This design will save you time and enhance your gardening pleasure by allowing you to tend to the developing fruit and vegetables without the worry of letting in predators. You will be reassured that you are keeping birds and beasts firmly away from your growing plants, as you easily come and go through the netted door which allows you to continue protecting your crops for a good harvest later on.

Aluminum Strawberry Cage

Growing strawberries is a delight for gardeners and their friends and families, however these fruits can also provide a sumptuous feast for visiting garden pests. If you would like to protect your strawberries from an invasion of birds, beasts and butterfly eggs, thealuminium strawberry cage with butterfly netting will provide you with perfect protection whilst your plants develop. Good value, light-weight and east to assemble, this cage will save you time and money by allowing your home-grown strawberries to be enjoyed undisturbed throughout the early summer...all you need now is some cream to go with them!

Aluminium Porta-Cage

Portable and lightweight, the aluminium porta-cage is suitable for both fruit and vegetables, making it the perfect answer to pest problems for the keen gardener. Whether you are looking for a cage to suit your allotment, or intend to rotate your crops at home, this clever design will give protection for your fruit and vegetables, whenever and where ever you need it. Good value and robust, by using a cage you will receive many years of enhanced crop growth and production, enjoying the benefits of such a simple and effective product.