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Home » Cages & Netting » DIY Build Your Own Fruit & Veg Cages

DIY Build Your Own Fruit & Veg Cages

DIY Fruit and Vegetable Cages

Using a cage to protect your fruit and vegetables is a simple solution for protecting your crops from garden pests, and will bring your kitchen-garden many benefits. Both newly sprouting seedlings and established plants are at a constant threat from large and small garden invaders. If left unprotected your plants can quickly be destroyed by this tiny army of quiet visitors. So whether you need to consider local birds looking for berries, butterflies looking for a place to lay their eggs or slugs with an appetite for leaves, you can now create a secure cage to suit your own needs by choosing a build-your-own fruit and vegetable cage.

Choosing to build a cage yourself need not be difficult or daunting, and is a very good value way of protecting your plants without breaking the bank. All you need to do to get started is measure the area that you would like to protect, remembering to consider the height to which your plants will grow, then simply select either a DIY cage kit, or choose the fruit and vegetable cage components you need to make a structure of your own specific size and shape. The resulting cage will then do the work for you, fending off any attacking mini-beasts whilst you sit back and reap the rewards of your contented crops.

DIY Fruit and Vegetable Cage Kits

If you would rather avoid the need to choose separate components, the Build-a-Ball Aluminium Vegetable Cage Kits with Fitted Covers is the perfect choice for you. Designed in many sizes, and to fit a multitude of fruits and vegetables, the frame is made from strong, light-weight, rust resistant, aluminium, so there is no fear of it being too heavy to handle. Easy to assemble, this cage can be put together very quickly, and even includes a choice of butterfly or fine grade insect netting. The benefits of the Build-a-Ball system in this kit have been enjoyed by many gardeners already, and with a reputation for being extremely simple to use these connectors will hold the frame together with greatest of ease. Even if you have a corner bed that needs a cage, you can do this with a corner cage kit. So don't waste time and money on insect repellants or reams of netting, just choose a kit to suit your garden, and your plants will show their thanks in handfuls of fruits and vegetables for years to come.

Building a Unique Cage System

If you are looking forward to designing a fruit or vegetable cage to suit your very own specification, you will need to choose each component individually. Don't be intimidated by this task, with this list of components it really is simple to choose and construct the cage you need, whilst being a good budget option too.