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Home » Cages & Netting » Steel Framed Fruit Cages

Steel Framed Fruit Cages

Growing delicious fruit is the ultimate gardeners delight. However, all too easily the fruit that you so long to enjoy and share, is ravaged by garden pests before it can be tasted. To protect your valuable crops, and reap the benefits of a good yield, the most successful fruit growers choose a Steel Fruit Cage. By planting your crops inside a fruit cage, you will give them the best chance to develop fully and produce a significant harvest, protecting them from insects, birds and garden animals.

Built to last, and to a very high standard, the benefits of steel as the material of choice for these fruit cages, is clear. Weather resistant, strong, hard-wearing and stylish, this valuable addition to your garden is sure to be enjoyed for many years. There are styles and sizes available to suit you, or you can now even design your own bespoke fruit cage with your specific garden needs in mind. Perhaps a decorative fruit cage is more to your taste, in which case you will be the envy of your neighbours with one of the many attractive choices on offer. Whatever your design choice however, you will be sure to save time and money by installing a fruit cage, protecting your valuable fruits and swapping your visits to the supermarket for a home-grown fruit bounty instead.

Heavy Duty Steel Fruit Cages.

Designed with strength and longevity in mind, these fruit cages have a door fitted for your convenience; tall enough for you to easily tend to your crops, you can walk in and out at your lesiure. Providing heavy duty, galvanised and powder-coated steel frames along with high quality netting to keep the birds and the beasts at bay, these fruit cages will last for many years, creating great value for money and a significantly improved yield over this time.

Steel Vegetable and Strawberry Cages

Alongside fruit canes, bushes and trees, you may also like to grow vegetables and the wonderful English delicacy, strawberries. These tasty morsels are also appealing to garden wildlife however, so to allow your crops to develop, protecting your vulnerable plants with a fruit cage is a must. The simple design and easy assembly of these cages means that they can be used for many purposes and can even be moved around to assist crop rotation.

Walk-in Steel Fruit Cage

If you have a long row of fruits or vegetables, a walk-in steel corridor cage is an essential piece of garden kit for you. Available in a variety of sizes, and with everything provided for a simple assembly, with this cage you will be able to protect your valuable crops in no time at all. Stylish and streamlined, the steel corridor cage also comes with an easy acess point, which will let you in, whilst keeping prying birds, bugs and butterflys out!

Decorative Steel Cages

For an elegant and sophisticated addition to your garden, look no further than adecorative fruit cage. Retaining the strength and practicality of all other fruit cages, a domed or peaked roof will add character and ornamental beauty to your garden in an instant. The additional advantage of this cage is the increased growing room created by the height of the roof. Train your raspberry canes or runner beans to a greater height or protect your fruit trees and bushes without fear of reducing their growth in this cage.

Cherry Tree Steel Cage

This striking steel cage has been specifically designed to protect your cherry tree, allowing it to produce its wonderful fruit without fear of losing cherries to the hovering hungry birds.With a grand height of 3 meters your cherry tree will not be restricted in growth, but will be allowed to develop naturally whilst removing the threat of fruit predators. The black steel frame is easy to assemble and with strong netting attached, it will last for many years, allowing you to enjoy fine ripe cherries every productive year.