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Home » Cages & Netting » Strawberry & Fruit Cages

Strawberry & Fruit Cages

Strawberry and Vegetable Cages

To grow the best fruit and vegetables, you must ensure that garden pests are kept at bay, otherwise your kitchen-garden delights will turn into a meal for a hungry birds or beasts. To make sure that you have a chance to savor the fruits of your labour before any other creatures do, a steel or aluminium fruit and vegetable cage is the answer to your gardening prayers. Constructing this bug-repelling beauty around your fruit and veg will save you time and money in the long run. With protection from predators allowing you to harvest your crops as an when you require, and without fear of finding them full of little visitors!

Perfectly designed to suit a variety of garden needs, strawberry and vegetable cages are available in both heavy-duty steel, and light-weight aluminium. There are benefits to both of these designs, and the choice of either a small or large, tall or short shape means that they can be used for multiple purposes, no matter how large or small your garden.

Aluminium Strawberry and Vegetable Cages

Do your cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli plants need protecting from the ravages of slugs and caterpillars? If so an aluminium vegetable cage with butterfly nettingwill be the perfect solution for keeping your greens happy, your slugs skinny and your butterflys with no option but to lay her eggs next door!

Easy to assemble, light to carry and low in cost, this design is available in many sizes, and is a simple and environmentally friendly way to protect your crops from an invasion of mini-beats. Saving you money over the coming years by protecting your vegetable bounty, the aluminium frame and net also has the advantage of being rust resistant and can be quickly taken down for winter storage.

Strawberry Cages

Birds can be the enemy of the strawberry plant, its sweet ripe fruit succumbing to the beaks of your hungry feathered friends in a flash. Make sure your birds feast from the bird table instead of from your strawberry plants by installing either a steel or aluminium strawberry cage with heavy-duty anti bird netting. The easy to assemble frame comes in many sizes of complete kit, and will last for many strawberry producing seasons.

Steel Strawberry and Vegetable Cages

If you find that insects are causing a problem for your strawberries or vegetables, there are many protective cages available to stop these pests in their tracks. The long-lasting and sturdy structure of a heavy duty steel vegetable and strawberry cage will ensure that your crops will by enjoyed only by you, and not by other garden invaders, no matter how small. Choosing either a tall or compact design to suit your garden, you can find the size of cage to fit your needs. Weather resistant, strong and stylish, the steel fruit and vegetable cage will last for many years, proving to be an invaluable investment for crop production.

If you are looking for a compact cage, there are many options available, including thefreestanding vegetable and strawberry cage, and the Link-a-bord kit with insect mesh netting. The simple construction and ability to move these cages around means that you can use them in different places, for different purposes, as and when you require. The benefit of teaming the frame with a raised bed, in the link-a-bord kit, will also allow you to keep ground pests at bay, and to position your bed where ever you wish with the greatest of ease.