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Home » Composting » Compost Accessories

Compost Accessories

There is more to making good compost than just throwing all your natural household and garden waste in a pile an leaving it to rot. To create an evenly spread, nutritious addition to your garden, your compost will require a little tending to. To save yourself time and speed up your compost production, choose a few essential composting accessories, and before you know it you will be producing high quality compost for all your garden needs.

Compost Stirrer Aerator

In order to decompose quickly and effectively, your compost heap or container will require frequent aeration. This process can be hard work if you only have a garden fork to use, and many gardeners risk their backs by twisting and turning the fork at all kinds of unusual angles.

To make this job much quicker and easier, the Compost Stirrer/Aerator will do the job in half the time, and with half the effort. Designed with the gardener in mind, the double handles allow you to easily plunge the stirrer into the compost, at this time the prongs open up, and as you give the compost a stir, essential channels of air are passed though the compost. Another great compost stirrer is the Joseph Bentley Carbon Steel Compost Aerator. Using the same simple and easy action, this aerates the compost effectively, and is another fantastic value design.

The Compost Stirrer/Aerator really is great value for money and is the essential partner for any compost heap.

Compost Thermometer.

The Compost Thermometer is a highly recommended tool for creating high quality compost, fast. To kill off any weed-seeds, a high temperature needs to be reached in the center of the heap before turning. With the help of this thermometer you can effectively monitor your hot composting technique, and make sure you won't be spreading living weeds back into your garden.

At 52cm long, the Compost Thermometer will give you the information you need in seconds. This accessory couldn't be easier to use, just plunge the long probe into the center of your compost, and within seconds you will discover what stage your composting process has reached. This thermometer has a gauge that clearly displays the temperature in both degrees centigrade and Fahrenheit, and is a great addition to your composting tool kit.

Compost Scoop.

An essential part of your composting kit, the Burgon and Ball Stainless Compost Scoop is a high quality, great value scoop that will help you to move your compost to the desired area of the garden, or smaller container, without making a mess. The deep scoop has been designed to hold a good quantity of compost, and the handle has the added advantage of a leather loop so that you can hang it up when you have finished using it. The long-lasting, hard-wearing materials used to make this scoop will mean there is no need to worry about it bending or breaking, providing a valuable composting tool for many years to come.

Compost Tea Maker.

The compost Tea Maker won't quench the thirst of a hard working gardener, but it will give your plants a vital and nutritious drink. By feeding your plants Compost Tea, you will be helping them to grow and develop rich colours, or produce highly flavoured fruit and vegetables.

The refined juices that flow from the decomposing compost, contain vital nutrients for your plants. Instead of wasting these incredible juices, collect them with the Compost Tea Maker, in a quick and easy tea making process. Just place some of your compost in one of the biodegradable bags supplied, hang it in the water-filled tea maker and leave it to soak overnight. It really is as simple as that, and by feeding this brew to your plants you may also be able to cut down on shop bought plant feed, saving you even more money.

Leaf Sacks.

Creating a rich and nutricious Leaf Mold for your garden, couldn't be easier than with these biodegradable Leaf Sacks. Thousands of fallen leaves can be collected and stored in these Jute bags. Both the bags and the leaves will then rot together to form a fantastic mulch for spreading around your garden plants. At such great value the Leaf Sacks are a great addition for the environmentally friendly and economic gardener.

Wire Leaf Composter.

Thousands of fallen leaves can be collected in the Wire Leaf Composter. Every Autumn, when the leaves settle on the garden, disposing of them can be a real problem. So why not capture the leaves in this 560 Litre Leaf Composter and without any effort, watch as they gradually decompose to become a rich leaf mold, perfect for spreading around plants or for planting new seedlings. This composter is great value, and with a hatch for taking out the finished leaf mold, it is so simple it really can be used by anyone.