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Home » Composting » Plastic Composting Bins

Plastic Composting Bins

Compost bins are an essential addition for every home and garden today. Using a compost bin will help you to save money, reduce your household waste and give your plants all the nutrition they need. No matter what size your home or garden, there is now a plastic compost bin designed to suit every household.

Making Compost.

Making compost really couldn't be easier. Just add all your natural kitchen waste, such as vegetable peelings, used tea bags and left over fruit and veg to the compost bin. Throw in some egg-shells and even plain waste paper and cardboard inner tubes if you have them, then top up with your garden waste. Adding hedge clippings, grass cuttings and weeds will give the best results, and over the next few months all this will rot down, creating a nutrient rich mulch for your garden. There is also a range of compost stirrers, aerators and accessories to help the process along.

Kitchen Composter.

Small enough to fit under the kitchen sink, a plastic kitchen composter makes recycling food waste even easier. Use with or without a biodegradable composting bag, and just add all your uncooked kitchen waste to this little bin allows you to start composting without even stepping foot outside. Don't worry about any smells from the waste materials, as these bins are either designed to be airtight, or come with a carbon filter to remove any unwanted odours. When full, just transfer the contents to a larger composter in the garden, creating a fantastic compost mix for your plants, with very little effort.

Plastic Garden Composter

Plastic compost bins for the garden come in all shapes and sizes. Cleverly designed to fit in with any outdoor area, plastic compost bins are generally  available in green or black. The dark colour not only allows for discreet composting, but soaks up the sun to produce more heat and speed up the rotting process inside. Freestanding and without any assembly required for many of these bins, a plastic composter is the easiest way to dispose of garden waste. This bin will keep out the rain, whilst keeping in the heat, and is so simple it can be used by anyone. Being plastic, they will last for years with no maintenance. Timber compost bins will eventually need replacing or at least treating regularly to avoid rotting.

Plastic compost bins vary in size, the most popular sizes are the compact 220L, and the larger 330L. Many of these compost bins come with a hatch at the front, allowing you to easily access the compost, whilst adding more waste through the top of the bin. Optional base plates are also available, allowing protection from any visiting rodents.

Large Garden Composter.

For those with more waste to dispose of, there are larger plastic compost bins available; ranging from 400L and 600L, right up to the huge 900L size, these are ideal for the the keen gardener, or the larger garden or family home.

Garden Composting Tumbler.

For the rapid production of compost, a composting tumbler can be used. With a barrel shaped body, set on a stand, the compost can be turned with the greatest of ease. This option gives enhanced aeration to the waste materials, which speeds up the rotting process, producing compost very efficiently.

For optimum use however, two compost bins can be used at the same time, allowing you to keep filling one and allowing it to rot, whilst using the completed compost in the other at the same time.