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Home » Composting » Timber Compost Bins

Timber Compost Bins

Wooden Compost Bins

Wooden compost bins are the classic answer to the modern waste problem. With no need to worry about an unsightly compost heap, the natural beauty of wood means that aging only improves the look of these composters. However, if camoflage or coordination is more your thing, you can paint or preserve a timber compost bin to suit your own garden design. A variation on the standard square timber composter is the beehive style. A wooden beehive compost bin won't look out of place in any garden, especially traditional and cottage style gardens.

The thermal properties of wood allow the wooden composter to retain heat, which enhances the speed of the rotting process. However, the strength and weather resistant nature of wood also means that the compost will have year round protection from more severe weather. Bear in mind that all timber eventually rots. Although all timber compost bins are made from treated timber, there will come a time when you may need to replace some of the wooden slats. For a maintenance free composting option, consider a plastic compost bin instead, or for the easiest option of all, a tumbling composter.

Designed with easy and quick assembly in mind, most wooden composters can be put together without the need for any tools, nails or screws. A slatted design means that this composter can be built in minutes, and can even be taken apart again if you want to move it in the future. Wooden compost bin lids are optional, depending on which bin design you choose. Split lids, hinged in the middle, allow easy access to the bin, whilst ensuring wildlife is kept out when closed. When it comes to turning your compost, there are a range of compost turning tools and aerators available, alternatively, get two or more wooden compost bins and fork the mixture straight out of one bin into an empty one.

Small Timber Compost Bins

Suitable for the compact garden, or the composting beginner, a classic, small wooden compost bin needs only a small amount of ground space to create hundreds of litres of compost. Many small composters are also tall by design, creating space for a good amount of compost without taking up space in the garden, and helping the gardener to avoid back strain from constant bending.

Large Wooden Composters

If it is a large composter that you need for the garden or allotment, a wooden composter is a safe and sturdy investment. With a larger ground area available, it is realistic to expect over a thousand litres of compost from a large composter. This choice produces great savings for the keen gardener, by creating a mass of compost for year round use.

Modular Composter

A modular compost bin is the perfect way of adapting and increasing your waste disposal area to suit your needs. Starting off with one module, further sections can be added to create a composter that is a custom fit for your garden. The flexibility of this design allows the advanced gardener to create separate areas for different types of compost or waste materials. By adding more sections in this way, using your compost becomes easier and quicker too, as the completed compost can be used whilst a new supply is allowed to mature.

Direct Load Timber Composter

If you are using a wheelbarrow to carry your garden waste,the direct load composter is perfect for you. With removable slats at the front of the composter, the wheelbarrow load can be tipped straight into the composting area, saving on effort, time and mess. The slatted design allows for greater aeration, meaning a faster composting process, and when emptying or filling this composter, slats can be removed at a height to suit you. Most timber compost bins have this facility.

Children's Compost Bins

All children love to get involved in the garden, digging, growing things and having fun. Small and safe, a child's wooden composter is a cheap year round choice of outdoor activity for any child. With a composter children can learn about recycling, helping the environment and saving money, whilst producing the perfect food for their own little plants to grow big and strong. Often, the best option is to provide your kids with their own full size composter as the children's versions are very quickly filled by enthusiastic young gardeners.