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Home » Composting » Tumbling Composters

Tumbling Composters

Tumbler Composter

The Tumbler composter can be used by most people with great ease, making it a good option for anyone interested in creating their own compost. Once you have chosen to put your natural household and garden waste to good use on the garden, the next step is to find a quick and easy way of turning it into compost. Adding a Tumbler compost bin to you garden will certainly make this a simple and efficient task.

Saving you physical effort, as well as time and money, the tumbler composter is the perfect choice for anyone interested in doing their bit for the environment. Using this garden accessory is the cheapest way to give your garden plants the best nutrition possible, and has the fantastic benefit of helping you to reduce your landfill waste too.

What is a Tumbler Composter?

To make good quality compost, the waste materials inside the composter must be turned, this motion encourages aeration and allows the nutritious waste to be evenly spread throughout the rotting compost. With each turn of the compost, the nutrient rich liquids are spread through the waste, helping the products inside to decompose at a much faster rate.

In a traditional, freestanding composter the turning process is completed manually, using a fork to turn the compost as often as possible. This time consuming and strenous task can be difficult as the chamber becomes full, and the total process of compost production can take many months.

The tumbler composter makes this job so much easier, as the liquids which seep to the bottom of the traditional upright composter, are moved around simply by turning the Tumbler. This enhances the speed of the composting process as well as helping to retain a high temperature in the centre of the waste materials, eventually rotting it down to become the compost we are more used to seeing in bags.

It is easy to see how the Tumbler composter makes a rapid job of the composting process, and depending on the type of waste, this type of composter can successfully produce a nutrient rich, mature compost in as little as 14 days.

Tumbler Composter Sizes and Styles.


Tumbler composters range in size, so that no matter what size your garden is, you can be sure to find one to that is right for you. A good starting point is the 140 Litre ComposTumbler, compact enough to tuck discreetly behind a large plant, this product will suit many gardens. Another good option is the Blackwall 200L Compost Tumbler. With a tall slim appearance, this composter has its own stand, allowing the chamber to be turned with ease. The raised position of the composting chamber also gives easy access to the compost once it is ready to use, just tip straight into your wheelbarrow or bucket.


If you are looking for something a bit bigger however, the medium sized 334 Litre Compost Tumbler will produce a good quantity of compost for the average garden. Also positioned on a stand, this composter, like its smaller version, can be turned with easy use of the rotating handle on the side.

Large-Extra Large

For large compost production, the 635Litre ComposTumbler comes in two versions, giving you the choice of either a single or a double barrelled composter. This Tumbler compost bin allows a huge amount of compost to be produced, making it suitable for the larger family, garden or allotment. By selecting the twin barrelled option, you can even use the completed compost from one barrel, whilst continuing to fill the other barrel, allowing it to mature until you need it.


If you are looking for a more modern feature for your garden however, then look no further than the innovative Comosphere 315 Litre Tumber composter. This design not only holds a serous amount of compost, but it is pleasing on the eye and is great fun to use too. Designed to look like a large ball, with tread on the side, and a stylish silver lid, this composter is easy to fill, to turn and to empty.

To turn the compost inside, just fasten the lid and give it a roll, it really couldn't be easier! Each roll turns the compost inside, speeding up the decomosing process, and when you are ready to use the compost, you can just roll this composter over to your desired area of the garden. This Tumbler composter is a 21st Century answer to the environmentaol issue of mass waste production, and no modern family will be sorry to show this off to their friends. Why not get the kids involved too, as everyone will want to have a go at giving this composter a roll!