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Home » Fencing & Screening » Screening & Natural Garden Fencing

Screening & Natural Garden Fencing

Natural garden screening is a practical and attractive addition to any garden. Available in many varieties, colours and sizes, there is a great choice of screening material to discover.

Do you need to improve the privacy in your garden, or would you like to create screening for your bin area, water-butt or compost heap? Perhaps you would like to screen the children's play equipment, or an empty vegetable patch over the winter. If you have a hot tub, natural screening is the perfect solution for enhancing your privacy, or even creating a changing area. Whatever your ideas and needs, using natural screening is a cheap, easy and effective way to create an instant impact in your garden.


With no weather proofing required, the subtle tones of bamboo create a modern screening answer for any garden. Available in a selection of heights starting from 1metre, and with a choice in length of each bamboo roll, this screen can be used for many purposes. Choose from either round canes or split canes, depending on the look you prefer. Naturally hard wearing and durable, a bamboo screen can be attached to a fence with nails or clips, or secured with stakes.


Choosing reed to screen your garden is a great value option. With a rich natural colour, this product gives great screening coverage and provides a classic screening look for the garden. Available in a wide selection of heights and widths, the reeds are secured together with wire, creating a sturdy and safe fence that is easy to put up, long-lasting and suitable for many purposes.


With a naturally dark brown hue, willow screening is a stylish choice for the garden. Creating a sophisticated impact, this product will instantly update your garden and provide substantial coverage to hide those unsightly areas or improve your current fencing. A variety of sizes are available, with heights and widths to suit your needs, this is the perfect choice for a long lasting and durable garden screen.

Willow screening is also available in individual sturdy sections, attractively woven to create the perfect addition to you garden. Use these sections to create specific areas in your garden, as plant supports or even as a windbreak.


Hazel screening creates a charming complementary feature in the garden. The soft colour, and strong structure of woven Hazel can be used to provide screening for many purposes. Available in sections of many sizes, this  material is a very attractive way to create boundaries and divisions amongst your garden plants, or between neighbouring gardens. Perfect for either the modern or country home, this look will not date and is a very effective way to enhance the look of your garden.


Also called 'thatch', Heather screening creates the beautiful appearance of a traditional thatched roof. A soft, natural look is created by this material, allowing for a subtle approach to screening, or to creating a roofing area over a pergola. Heather brings a country style edge to any garden, and is weatherproof and durable. Easy to use and great value for money, the Heather screen is the choice of many, and can be adapted for many uses.


What could be more natural, than the fantastically rustic appearance of bark. With this screening you can hide a multitude of garden sins, no more looking at that old fence, or the ugly wheelie bins. Strong and durable, and available in many sizes, this screen can only enhance your garden, whilst providing great coverage and keeping it looking natural.


With a distinctive latticed structure, this classic and attractive garden screen is a stylish alternative to other natural screens. Available in a large variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colours, there is a trellis suitable for your garden needs. If you are looking forward to making your screen a feature of the garden, why not give this trellis a makeover, painting or preserving the wood to suit your own garden style. Perfect for any screening purpose, trellis is sturdy, long-lasting and easy to put up, a fantastic choice for the modern gardener.

Artificial Screening.

If the natural choice is not for you, but you want to create a natural look whilst maintaining a durable, weatherproof, longlasting screening solution, then artificial screening may be just what you are looking for.

Man-made with modern materials, artificial screening will not require any additional maintenance, it will resist the most severe of weather conditions, and yet it is just as easy to install as natural screening. This product is a realistic imitation of bamboo cane, and creates a long-lasting, effective alternative to natural screening. Great value for money, and available in many sizes, this is a serious contender for fencing options in any garden.