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Home » Hand Tools » Garden Planting Tools

Garden Planting Tools

In addition to the basic spade and fork, some tools are designed specifically to make the job of planting easier. For planting large items such as trees and shrubs, the garden spade is the tool of choice.


Dibbers have been around for many years and consist of a narrow cone shaped section of wood or metal that is pushed down into the soil to make a hole ready for the seed or cutting. Some dibbers have depth markings to ensure correct planting depth.

Bulb planters

Bulb planting tools cut a ‘core’ of soil from the ground allowing you to plant the bulb and replace the cut section back into the ground. Bulb planters are fantastic for planting daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs into lawn areas. Also available are specially designed tools for planting crocus and snowdrop bulbs.


The Wolf Garden ridger allows you to easily make a ridge and furrow for the planting of potatoes and other vegetables.

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