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Home » Hand Tools » Garden Rakes

Garden Rakes

In the gardeners toolkit, there are three types of rake each with a specific role to fulfil. Rakes designed for clearing leaves and grass clippings won’t be any use for moving soil, so it’s a case of choosing the right tool for your needs.

The garden rake.

This type of rake is for moving and leveling soil. Most garden rakes have a flat backed head to achieve a perfectly level surface for seeding or turfing. They are generally the toughest and heaviest of the rakes. Larger versions are known as landscaping rakes.

Metal lawn rake.

Metal lawn spring tine rakes are most commonly used for scarifying the lawn, a process whereby you remove the layer of dead grass (thatch) on the soil surface. They are also used to remove moss (after an application of moss killer or lawn sand) and other debris from deep within the grass. Lawn rakes can be either expandable or fixed tine. For debris on the surface of the grass, a plastic leaf rake is a better choice.

Plastic leaf rake.

These are the best type of rakes for clearing leaves, grass clippings and hedge cuttings from the surface of the lawn. The plastic tines are designed to clear debris without damaging the lawn, but will wear out quickly if used on hard surfaces such as paving or concrete.

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