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Home » Hand Tools » Pruning Saws

Pruning Saws

Garden Pruning saws

Hand pruning saws are extremely popular due to the fact that they are compact and can easily be used in confined spaces. The blade of  a pruning saw is extremely sharp and will cut very efficiently through both dead and green wood with little effort. For cutting branches at height, see our article on telescopic pole pruners.

pruning saw

Pruning saws are also very popular with tree surgeons and landscape professionals due in part to the speed and cleanliness of cut. The blade of a pruning saw is usually thicker than a bow saw blade and will last a long time if cared for properly. Pruning saws usually cut on the pull stroke only although some models will cut on both the pull and push strokes.

Variations of pruning saw

For maximum cutting performance, look for a slightly curved pruning saw. The curved shape means you won’t need to apply as much down-force whilst cutting. Curved pruning saws are fantastic for dealing with thicker branches.

For added convenience and safety, consider a folding pruning saw or a holstered saw that will attach to a belt. Remember, pruning saws are extremely sharp so take great care at all times.