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Home » Hand Tools » Wheelbarrows and Garden Trolleys

Wheelbarrows and Garden Trolleys

The wheelbarrow is designed for moving everything from soil and compost to leaves and logs. Wheelbarrows are available either plastic or metal, depending on your needs. The plastic type won’t stand up to very heavy use as well as metal, but they are lighter and won’t rust. If you plan on using your wheelbarrow for mixing concrete or mortar, go for a metal model with a minimum capacity of 80 litres.

Wheelbarrow tyre choice

The choice of wheel type is an important consideration. A pneumatic (air filled) tyre will give a smoother ride than a solid rubber tyre, but when you get a puncture the wheelbarrow is rendered useless until it gets repaired so it’s worth having a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit just in case. Pneumatic tyres gradually lose pressure over time so you'll also need an air pump to keep the tyre at the correct pressure.

wheelbarrowThe average wheelbarrow has a capacity of between 80-90 litres with larger models offering around 120 litres. If you will be moving and tipping large amounts of heavy material, check to make sure the barrow has a tipping bar in front of the wheel. This will allow you to tip the barrow without it moving forwards or backwards on the wheel and will prevent damage to the front of the carrying tray.

For awkward gateways, Haemmerlin supply a specially designed narrow wheelbarrow for easy access.

haemmerlin narrow wheelbarrow

Spare wheels for wheelbarrows

It may become necessary to replace the wheel at some point so here are some online stores that stock spare wheels and inner tubes for wheelbarrows:

Crocus - If you get frequent punctures, at Crocus you can buy a solid rubber wheel to replace your Haemmerlin air filled wheelbarrow tyre. Wheelbarrow inner tubes and spare hand grips are also available.

Wheelbarrow tyre pumps

For air filled wheelbarrow tyres, you'll need a pump to maintain the correct pressure. A foot pump is ideal.

Twin wheeled barrows

Twin wheeled barrows are growing in popularity due to the fact that they offer much greater stability and than the standard single wheeled barrow. Twin wheeled versions also spread the load over the two wheels which helps prevent wheel marks and ruts forming on your lawn. Twin wheeled barrows offer capacities up to 230 litres and are a popular choice for large gardens and stables.

Ideal for the majority of gardens, the Haemmerlin twin wheeled barrow  has a capacity of 150 litres and a payload of 520kg.

twin wheeled wheelbarrows

If it's huge carrying capacity you need, the 230 litre Haemmerlin equestrian twin wheeled barrow can carry the largest loads weighing up to 200kg.

haemmerlin equestrian wheelbarrow

Garden trolleys

Garden trolleys are extremely useful for moving heavy loads of bricks, bagged compost, logs etc around the garden. Models supplied with a tow hitch also make an ideal trailer for a garden tractor or ride-on lawnmower. The drop down sides found on most models allow for the transportation of large items such as fence panels. Priced at under a hundred pounds, garden trolleys offer extremely good value for money.

garden trolley