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Home » Machinery & Mowers » Chainsaw Trousers and Protective Clothing

Chainsaw Trousers and Protective Clothing

Chainsaws are potentially dangerous tools so it’s essential to invest in some suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

What are the essentials for the home user?

Chainsaw trousers.

Two types are available - type A and type C.

Type A chainsaw trousers have protective material incorporated into the front of the trousers.
Type C chainsaw trousers have all round protection and are designed for tree surgeons engaged in tree climbing or for workers operating chainsaws in gangs.

For the home user, who obviously won’t be working in a gang or tree climbing with a chainsaw, type A trousers are required.

How do chainsaw trousers work?

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that chainsaw protective trousers are not designed to be saw proof, they are designed to bring the chain to a stop before you get injured.

When the rotating chain comes into contact with the trousers, it will cut through the outer material and expose several layers of stranded nylon. This nylon material gets instantly drawn into the chain and sprocket, jamming the saw and bringing it to a stop.

Chainsaw trousers are obviously heavier than conventional trousers but they are designed to do a very specific job, expect to pay in the region of £80 -£100 for a pair.

Eye and head protection for chainsaw use.

At the very least, you should wear safety glasses, however you will find these will steam up as you get warm. A better option is a safety helmet that incorporates ear defenders and a safety visor made from either mesh or perspex. The mesh will not steam up and will protect your face from flying sawdust, whipping branches etc. A safety helmet is an essential item to have if felling trees or removing larger branches.

As power tools go, chainsaws are at the louder end of the range. Protect your hearing at all times. Hearing loss does not occur overnight so spend a few pounds on some ear defenders.

Chainsaw gloves.

Chainsaw gloves incorporate a patch of ballistic material into the back of the left hand. This is designed to protect your hand in the event of kickback whereby the saw can swing back toward the user. The first part of your body to come into contact with the chain would be the back of your left hand (assuming you were holding the saw correctly). Gloves with protection on both left and right hands are also available. Chainsaw gloves are not essential items for the home user, but it makes sense to wear heavy duty protective gloves of some sort when using a chainsaw. You’ll need gloves when it comes to sharpening the chain too.

Chainsaw protective footwear

There are many different types of chainsaw protective footwear available. Some incorporate stranded nylon designed to clog and stop the chain, whilst other use a ballistic material which serves to resist the cutting action of the chain for a few seconds. Most have steel toe protection. A wise choice for the occasional user are the wellington boot type as these are useful for other gardening tasks in addition to chainsaw use.