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Home » Machinery & Mowers » Ride-on Lawnmowers and Lawn Tractors

Ride-on Lawnmowers and Lawn Tractors

Ride on lawnmowers vs. Lawn tractors.

Lawn tractors are basically big ride-on lawnmowers and have a front mounted engine as opposed to a ride-on lawnmower which has the engine situated at the rear (normally under the drivers seat). Lawn tractors are generally more powerful machines suitable for large areas of lawn and paddock. A vast range of models are available with engine sizes ranging from 6hp on smaller ride-on models, up to around 26hp on the biggest lawn tractors.

Ride-on lawn mowers and lawn tractors commonly use the rotary method of cutting, having the deck situated directly under the machine. Larger models of lawn tractor can be fitted with a double or triple blade deck for a cutting width of up to 54". For maximum manouverability, consider an out front deck lawn tractor. As the name suggests, the deck is mounted in front of the machine and allows for cutting under shrubs, fences and around trees. Out front deck mowers will often have a pivoting chassis and rear steering for maximum versatility.

Many machines, both ride-on lawn mowers and lawn tractors, have the added benefit of multiple accessory add-ons such as spreaders, scarification attachments, trailers etc. Perhaps the best known manufacturer of these accessories is Agri-Fab.

The most popular manufacturers of ride-on lawnmowers and lawn tractors for the UK market are Westwood and Lawnflite.

Rear sweeper lawn tractors

Rear sweeper models discharge the grass clippings onto the turf which are then swept up by a powered sweeper towed behind the machine. The rear sweeper system has the advantage of allowing cutting in wet conditions without the machine becoming clogged with grass clippings. Rear sweeper models can also employ a roller mounted on the sweeper unit for the striped finish on formal lawns.

Direct collect

The other type of collection system propells the grass clippings directly into a rear collection box. Manufacturers often have their own names for the collection systems on their particular mowers. The direct collect machine is the more popular and least expensive and many UK models now allow cutting and collection in wet conditions.

Choosing a lawn mower

Sowing lawn seed

Looking after your lawn

Laying garden turf

Looking to buy a ride-on lawn mower or lawn tractor?

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