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Gardening articles and guides.

Machinery & Mowers

Machinery & Mowers

Petrol & Electric Hedge Cutters

A look at the various type of powered hedge cutters.

Petrol & Electric Chainsaws

The ultimate time saver. Pick the right type for your needs.

Chainsaw Trousers and Protective Clothing

Protective gear goes hand in hand with buying a chainsaw.

Garden Shredders and Chippers

Make something useful with all that garden waste.


The most important piece of garden machinery you can buy.

Ride-on Lawnmowers and Lawn Tractors

Make light work out of a large lawn or paddock.

Strimmers and Brush Cutters

Just what you need to trim those hard to reach areas.

Telescopic and Long Reach Hedge Cutters

Great for tall hedges without the need for a ladder.

Garden Vacs and Blowers

Leaf problem? You need a garden vac.

Pressure Washers - Choosing the Right Machine

Get your patios and paths looking like new.

Rotavators and Cultivators

Some interesting options for digging and tilling the soil.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Telescopic long reach pole pruners

Fantastically useful tools for pruning high branches.

Garden Loppers

The different types of garden loppers explained

Pruning Saws

The best saws for a variety of pruning tasks

Cutting Tools for the Garden

Choosing quality secateurs, hedge shears and bow saws.

Digging and Weeding Tools

Simple tools that come in a variety of different forms.

Wheelbarrows and Garden Trolleys

The workhorses of the garden.

Garden Planting Tools

What exactly is a dibber anyway?

Garden Rakes

Clearing up, lawn care, moving soil - there's a rake for each job.

Edging Irons

If you want straight borders and edges, you'll need one of these.

Firewood Splitting Tools

Make the most of your timber supply.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Lawn Care and Maintenance

How to maintain your lawn from watering and feeding to aerating and scarifying.

Lawn Feed and Fertiliser

When to feed and fertilize and using the right tools.

Topdressing Your Lawn

How to top-dress your lawn

Buying and Laying Garden Turf

Laying a lawn with turf.

Sowing Grass Seed

How to get the best results using lawn seed.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting Basics

Using the right tools for the job.

Reducing Tall or Wide Hedges

How to get those hard to reach areas.

Tree and Hedge Cutting Ladders and Platforms

Types of access equipment for cutting hegges

Choosing a Hedge Species

Great Species for planting a hedge

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Basics

Making the right cuts at the right time.

Removing a Tree Stump

Some handy hints on getting rid of those stubborn stumps and tree roots.

Firewood Guide

Firewood Guide

Firewood Guide

Choosing wood for a fire or wood burning stove

Fencing & Screening

Fencing & Screening

Garden Fencing with Panels

Tips on putting up a garden fence.

Concrete Spur Fence Post Repair

How to install a fence spur

Screening & Natural Garden Fencing

Natural screening and fencing for the garden.

Sheds & Storage

Sheds & Storage

Sheds for the Garden

Wood, Metal or Plastic?

Plastic Garden Sheds

Long lasting and durable, plastic sheds come in a range of colours and sizes.

Storage in the Garden

Storage options for your garden. Metal, plastic and timber storage ideas.

Metal Garden Sheds

Tough and smart, a metal shed is a great alternative to the usual timber type.

Wooden Garden Sheds

The classic wooden shed available in all shapes and sizes.

Storage for Lawnmowers

Protect your investment with these lawnmower storage options.

Bike Storage Sheds

Keep your bike secure and dry with these storage solutions.



Garden Buildings

Log Cabins, Summerhouses, Workshops and Hot Tub buildings

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Buying Garden Patio Furniture

Thinking of buying Garden Furniture?

Kids in the Garden

Kids in the Garden

Kid's Garden Tools

Garden hand tools suitable for children.



Buying a Greenhouse

Buying the right size, frame and glass-type to suit your needs

Greenhouse Cleaning and Hygiene

Greenhouse cleaning to prevent diseases infecting your plants

Seeds and Plants

Seeds and Plants

Home Grown Vegetables

A large selection of vegetable seeds featuring all the favourites plus some unusual varieties for the adventurous gardener.

Vegetable Plants

Indoor and outdoor vegetable plants.

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse or outside.

Growing Your Own Potatoes

Main Crops, First Earlies, Second Earlies and salad potatoes.

Onions, Shallots and Garlic

A decent range of onions, garlic and shallots for home growing.

Fruit Trees and Bushes

Choose from a selection of delicious fruit from apple and pear trees to strawberry plants and raspberry canes.

Sweet Pea Plants

Ready to plant sweet pea plants in a choice of colours.

Sweet Pea Seeds

Over a dozen different hardy annual sweet pea varieties to choose from.

Garden Herbs

Every garden should have a herb patch. Browse a selection of easy to grow herb seeds.

Flower Seeds

All the varieties you need to create a beautiful outdoor space - whatever the size of your garden.

Children's Seeds

Keep kids fascinated with these specially selected seed varieties.


A range of indoor and outdoor bulbs for both spring and autumn planting.

Bedding Plants

Add a splash of colour to your borders and baskets.

Grow Your Own Runner Beans

Ways to grow your own runner beans.



Timber Compost Bins

Timber offers the most pleasing and practical solution for your composting efforts. 

Plastic Composting Bins

Long lasting and cheap, a plastic compost bin is the ideal solution for many gardens.

Garden Compost

Turning your waste into compost.

Tumbling Composters

These fantastic tumbling compost bins provide the most convenient way to produce compost without backache!

Bokashi Wheat Bran for Composting

Bokashi wheat bran to help speed up your composting.

Compost Accessories

All the bits and pieces to make composting easier.

Worms & Wormeries

An alternative way to compost your kitchen waste is to enlist the help of worms.

Pest Control

Pest Control

Garden Pest Control

Getting rid of pests in your garden

Watering & Irrigation

Watering & Irrigation

Watering Equipment for the Garden

Great tools for watering and irrigation

Water Butts

Water saving tips



Garden Pond Liners

Concrete, Flexible or rigid pond liner?

Solar Pond Equipment

Energy saving pond equipment powered by the sun.

Pond Filters

A range of pumps to suit all sizes of garden pond.

Pond Pumps

Keep your pond in top condition with a range of pumps.

Pond Vacuums

Keep your pond clean and clear with these specialist vacuums.

Pond Plants

Essential for the life of your pond, these plants can be bought online and delivered to your home.

Water Features

Water Features

Garden Water Features

Sit back and relax to the sound of water in your garden



Attracting Garden Birds

Attract garden birds into your garden

Pets in the Garden

Pets in the Garden

Pets in the Garden
Outdoor animal houses, runs and boundaries for you pets.

Beds and Planting

Beds and Planting

Raised Plastic Beds

Durable and great value, plastic raised beds offer an alternative to timber.

Raised Timber Beds for the Garden

Raised timber beds offer an easy solution to get you growing vegetables quickly.

Cloches & Plant Protection

Protect your new plants and vegetables with these cloches.

Cages & Netting

Cages & Netting

Garden Netting & Protection

All types of netting for the garden - fruit protection, pond netting and much more.

Steel Framed Fruit Cages

Keep those birds from raiding your fruit with these steel framed fruit cages.

Wood & Timber Fruit Cages

Timber fruit cages for a more traditional feel.

Aluminium Garden Fruit & Veg Cages

Lightweight and durable, aluminium fruit cages are the most popular type for protecting your fruit and veg.

Strawberry & Fruit Cages

Smaller aluminium and steel cages for strawberries and vegetables.

DIY Build Your Own Fruit & Veg Cages

Build your own fruit and vegetable cages from a range of connectors, canes, tubing and netting.

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