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Home » Seeds and Plants » Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants

Professionally grown plants for your borders

Supplied in trays of individual cells, Unwins seed-raised bedding has been expertly grown to give the strongest plants with the healthiest root system.

Water the tray well as soon as you receive it and carefully push out the plugs using a dibber or a pencil. Handle plants by the leaves and gently transplant into 7cm/3in pots.

Give a liquid feed weekly and never allow to completely dry out. Remove any flower buds that form before the plants have reached a good healthy size.

Superb young plants for the best baskets

Unwins cutting raised young plants are grown by experts under optimum conditions so all you have to do is grow them on ready to fill your baskets. These young plants are grown in individual 30-50mm cells. Each plant has a well developed root system and will be 5-10cm/2-4in tall, again depending on variety.

Young plants are supplied ready to pot on into 9cm/3½in pots. They may be potted directly into your containers and you can add slow release fertilizer and water-retaining granules. Grow on under protection for a few weeks until all risk of frost is past.