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Home » Seeds and Plants » Fruit Trees and Bushes

Fruit Trees and Bushes

Are you tired of the hard, flavourless strawberries and raspberries you can buy in the supermarket all year round? Do you remember the sheer juiciness and sublime taste of soft fruit picked, eaten fresh and in season?

Well, if you do hanker after that elusive memory, look no further. You can grow a variety of delicious, mouth-watering soft fruit even in the smallest of gardens. You can grow strawberries and blueberries in containers. Raspberries against a south or west facing wall or fence and gooseberries and currants in a mixed border.

All of fruit varieties featured are chosen purely for their flavour and ability to grow well in your garden. To be picked and eaten fresh, warm and luscious straight from the plant – not to travel along a motorway and sit on a shelf for a week!

Top fruit from the tree

A fruit tree in full spring blossom is a stunning sight and it's worth planting one for that reason alone. However, the trees featured above have been chosen for their superb flavour and ability to thrive in British gardens.


Whilst many of the fruit varieties are self-fertile, your garden will also be visited by bees, many of which will be carrying pollen from your neighbour’s fruit trees, so even planting a single tree should produce a reasonable crop.