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Vegetable Plants

A greenhouse allows you to expand the range of plants and vegetables you can grow successfully. You can grow a wider range of varieties that need a bit more warmth and perhaps a bit of a longer growing season. For the best vegetable plants online, visit the garden suppliers listed on the right.

However, even if you don’t have a greenhouse you can still grow some of the more tender vegetable crops. Growing with Starter Plants gives you that early edge. Pot them up and keep them in a warm, bright place – such as a light windowsill or conservatory – until the risk of a late spring frost is past. They can then be planted singly into larger pots or in growing bags (3 to a bag). Keep your vegetable plants well watered and in a sunny position sheltered from strong winds. Feed every 10-14 days with a liquid tomato fertiliser.

Outdoor Vegetable Plants

Growing your own vegetables has never been more popular. The waiting list for allotments is growing every year and more and more people are starting to make good use of the available space in their gardens.

You don’t need a huge space to be able to cut down on the amount of vegetables you buy from the supermarket. It’s possible to grow a good variety in a relatively small space; if you choose varieties carefully and plan planting and cropping times you can feed your family for many weeks throughout the year. Best of all, growing your own vegetables is great fun.

Have a look at our guides to growing tomatoes, growing runner beans and growing potatoes for the basics.