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Home » Ponds » Garden Pond Liners

Garden Pond Liners

Pond Liners

Every pond needs to be fully lined to keep the water where it should be. There are many options of liner, both flexible and rigid. Depending on your pond design you can choose a pre-sized liner or a bespoke size and shape. There are numerous ways of creating a pond in the garden. Some methods involve molding concrete to form your own shaped pond or installing a rigid pond liner. By far the easiest method is to use a flexible pond liner as it gives you complete control over the size and depth of the pond. 

pond net

The different types of pond liner


Concrete liners can make a decent waterproof lining if laid correctly. The disadvantages of using concrete are that it can crack due to movement in the ground and frost damage. A concrete liner is also very labour intensive to install compared to other methods of pond construction.

Rigid pond liners

These are often made from glass fibre (GRP) or vacuum pressed plastic. These liners are resistant to frost damage and are not punctured easily. Rigid liners do require a hole dug to the exact dimensions of the liner so they're not as easy to install as the flexible liners. You are also limited by the available sizes and shapes.

Flexible pond liners

Waterproof flexible liners are by far the easiest option because they offer complete freedom when it comes to the shape and depth of the pond.

Flexible liners are available in a range of different sizes and materials including PVC, synthetic butyl rubber and low density polyethylene (LDPE). The best choice is LDPE as it provides excellent resistance to tearing and has an extremely long life-span. Make sure you install an underlay before you put down the liner.

Butyl Rubber

Guaranteed for life, butyl rubber liners are a good investment for your pond. This strong Swedish rubber can be purchased as ready-made individual liners or created in the size you need. Choosing the Box Welded Butyl Pond Liners has the added advantage of being very easy to use, just dig the whole to the specified size and order your liner to match.


With an expected lifetime of at least 30 years, a PVC pond liner will last for decades. Flexible, easy to install, rot proof and UV resistant, this is a good value pond lining material. PVC can be cut to size, is available in many lengths and widths. The Oase Alfafol PVC Liner will mould to your pond walls and floor to give a securely lined pond.

Stone Faced

A decorative stone-faced pond liner will disguise any unattractive lining behind it. This gives a natural look whilst adding to the original lining protection. The Oase Stone Liner is a good example of a natural looking liner, with tiny pebbles fixed to the surface. Available in many sizes this will help your pond to look attractive all year round.


Aquatic underlay is used underneath your chosen lining material, to give it support and increase its longevity. Underlay is an essential addition to your pond, and both Polyfibre and Permalay are high quality, low cost options.

Rigid Preformed Pond Liner

preformed rigid pond liner (also called a preformed pond) creates the entire base of your pond area without the need for tricky pond liners and underlay. Save time and energy, just choose the shape and size to suit your garden and place it in position.

Hard wearing, with inbuilt shelving for plants, the Oasis Niigata is big enough for Koi or goldfish. The Laguna Large Pond Tank is good value and can even be used above ground with a wooden surround. The Oasis Oxford is another example of a classic garden pond. Strong and resilient, this is made to last and will give your fish a good place to live. The Oasis Nevada is a smart investment if you are looking to install your pond quickly, easily and with minimum mess. A great size and high quality preformed pond, this too has shelves for an attractive addition of pond plants.

If you need a fish inspection tank, the Laguna Round Feature Basin will not disappoint. Small enough to put anywhere, this is perfect for assessing individual fish or moving them between areas.

Pond Liner Repair Products

To stop a small puncture or tear becoming a big problem, there are repair products available for all types of pond. If you have a Butyl liner, the Oasis Butyl Repair Kit will service this well. For a fibreglass pond, the Bonda Glass Fibre Repair kit is perfect, whilst the Oasis PVC Repair Kit will sort out any repairs to your PVC liner.

To install your liner and underlay there is also a wide range of tapes available, these include: Pond Liner Fixing Tape (Cold Glue) andUnderlay Fixing Tape. However if you have a concrete lined pond you may need the services of G4 Clear Pond Sealant
and Concrete Pond Reinforcement Fibres to make crack free mortar cement.