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Home » Ponds » Pond Filters

Pond Filters

The importance of a pond filter should not be underestimated. This equipment will keep your water clean and clear, which in turn will help to keep your valuable pond-life healthy. There are various types of pond filters available. Choosing one to suit your pond will depend on its size, as well as the volume and species of fish in the pond.

Basic Pond Filters

Based on the traditional Box design, a Hozelock Ecocel Pond Filter is great value for the pond enthusiast on a budget. Although this filter will not keep your pond clear, it will keep it safe for your fish to live in.

Ultra Violet Clarifier Filters (UVC)

Choosing a Flow-through with UVC pond filter design will make sure that dirty water is cleaned in a simple and efficient manner. This is reassurance that your pond is clean and your fish are healthy. There is a high quality and good value filter available for every pond: PondXpert, Bermuda Classic, Blagdon Midipond, Hozelock Ecocel, Oase Biotec, Oasis Clear Pond and Oasis Green. These are all good examples of box style pond filters, available in a multitude of sizes and watts.

If the box design is not for you, there are alternative UVC filters with various features inbuilt. All of these brands all have good quality filtration systems: Evolution Aqua, Hozelock EasyClear, Oasis Xtreme, Hozelock Vorton, Oase Vitronic, TMC Professional and PondKraft. Features vary from innovative filtering mechanisms, to glass inspection windows, to easy cleaning facilities. There is a size suitable for most ponds and a price for all budgets. So whether Koi or Goldfish are your choice of scaly friend, there is a UVC filter to suit your needs.

Pressurised Filters

The latest technology has been used to create the pressurised pond filter. This will keep your pond clear and clean, whilst remaining hidden around your pond area. The advantage of a pressurized filter is that it can be buried near to the pond, removing the need for an unsightly box. There are many brands of pressurised filter available including,Hozelock, Pondrite, Oase, Fishmate, Velda, PondKraft, PondXpert andBermuda. From the smallest to the largest garden pond, all can benefit from the addition of a pressurised filter.

Koi Filters

With bigger fish, come bigger ponds and bigger filters. To keep your Koi happy install a specially designed Koi filter. This will keep the condition of the water perfect for your valuable fish. There is an extensive range of filters for Koi designed by all the big brands. Whether you choose a traditional or modern design, you can be sure that the experts will provide you with the best filter for your pond and your Koi.

With many Koi filter systems to choose from, a few examples include the exclusivePondXpert Filtobox 24000 Pond Filter; the innovative Evolution Aqua - Eazypod the outstanding Hozelock Trinamic Koi Pond Filter and the highly respected Oasis Clear Pond 80 Multi-Stage Pond Filter. Take a look at all the options and you will find one to match your pond.

Pump & Filter Sets

Choosing a pump and filter set can save you time and money. Just assess the size of your pond, and the volume of fish you plan to keep. Then combine this information with your choice of fish and you will find the perfect set to service your pond.

There are many sizes, shapes, features and power capacities of pump and filter set available. Choosing which one to buy will depend on your needs and budget. All the main brands produce their own version of pump and filter set. A great value selection, all coming in at under £100 includes; Blagdon All-in-One Pump and Filter, theHozelock Ecocel 5000 Filter & Pondovario 2500 Pump, the PondXpert EasyFilter, and the Oase Filtral 2500. There are also sets available in every price range, and for the most serious pond owner the highly sophisticated Oase Biosys Special Pondkeeper Set 7 or the Nexus Eazy Koi Filter is a good option.

Combined Filters

combined filter provides the reassurance of clear water in your pond by using a UVC filter. It also gives peace of mind that your water is being adequately filtered, keeping your fish and pond life healthy. Good value and with multiple capabilities, a combined unit can remove visible dirt, and will encourage the growth of micro- organisms, to keep your pond naturally healthy. There are many styles available; PondKraftVeldaOasisand Hozelock are a few of the good quality combined filters that will do all the hard work for you.