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Home » Ponds » Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps

Using a pond pump will reduce the risk of algae growing in your pond; the pump keeps the water moving, increasing oxygen levels whilst decreasing stagnation. Keeping your pond clean and healthy is easier with the use of a pump. You can also use a pump to power a water fountain or filter.

Fountain Pumps

Adding a fountain pump can really improve the appearance of your pond. Creating a water feature in an otherwise still pond is easy with this range of pond fountains: Pondxpert, Bermuda, Fish Mate, Hozelock, Oase, Pondovari and Oasis Maximus are some of the good quality brands that make fountain pumps. So whether you are looking for a small or large fountain offering jets, lights or just a delicate ripple, these provide an exceptional choice.

For an outstanding water fountain with unusual appeal there are also a variety of styles available. Oase Water Jet Lightning, Oase Water Startlet, Oase Jumping Jets are just a few examples. These specially designed pumps will transform your pond into an entertaining garden feature.

Filter Pumps

Using a filter pump in your pond will help to keep it clean and healthy. Removing solids from the water, this pump will give you peace of mind that your fish are healthy, and keep your pond looking good too. With a variety of power levels and options for all budgets, these brands will provide you with the pump to suit your pond: PondXpert, Aquamax Eco, Bermuda Filter, Fish Mate, Hozelock, Laguna Max-Fl, Lotus Olympus, Oase, Pondovario.

If you are looking for a pump that can multitask, the Blagdon Force Hybrid Pond Pump is a good option. This pump can be set according to the season. This means it can adjust to the different solids in the pond in summer and winter. So rest assured that no matter what the weather brings, this pump will keep your pond clean all year round.

High Pressure Pumps

If your water fountain is lacking in height and power you need a high-pressure pump. One of the most popular producers of these pumps isDraper. You can be assured of the safety of Draper's pumps as they come with thermal overload protection. Alongside this, a floating switch makes using the pump very easy to use.

Laguna Max-Flo also makes a good quality high pressure pump. Pumping up to 5.6 meters high whilst keeping the wattage low also means cheap running costs. 

Air Pumps

Keeping your fish and pond life healthy is vital. Using an air pump will help to do this by oxygenating your pond water.  Air pumps are available not only for the pond, but for fish tanks too. Choose a Blagdon pump for an economical way to bring oxygen into your fish tank or pond.

The Hozelock pond air pump will work hard in all weathers, and is known for being a quiet and efficient air pump. Whilst the Smart Solar Oxygenator air pump is not only weather proof, but is also free to run.

All in One Pumps

An all-in-one pump contains everything you need to keep your pond clean and healthy. With a filter, pump and UVC, together in one unit, this is an easy solution providing everything for your pond. This pump can also power a waterfall or fountain, making your pond into an elegant garden feature. PondXpert All4One, Hozelock EasyClear, Oase, Velda and Blagdon all provide good quality pumps for a range of budgets.

Feature Pumps

Water features have a lower level of water in their reservoir than a pond. For this reason a feature pump has been specifically designed to use with a water feature. Known for their quiet running ability and low running costs, these feature pumps are available in many power levels: Pondxpertallows a choice of fountain heads, bell, jet or tiered. The Oase Neptun feature pump has a variable flow control and can withstand all weather conditions.