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Home » Ponds » Pond Vacuums

Pond Vacuums

Pond Vacuums

To keep your fish healthy it is essential to maintain a clean pond. Using a pond vacuum will help you to do this easily and efficiently. Just as you use a hoover to collect dirt and dust in the home, a pond vacuum will do the same in your pond. By removing the green sludge and debris from your pond, you can relax in the knowledge that your fish are living in a clean and healthy environment.

There are many varieties of pond vacuum. Consider the size of your pond, and if you want a manual or automatic vacuum when making your choice. This decision may also depend upon whether you have access to electricity or need a cable free vacuum.

Manual Vacuums

Also known as a hose-powered vacuum, this is a good value option suitable for the smaller pond or for shallow water. This vacuum is a great budget option, and the easy to use Tensor Tornado Pond Vacuum is priced at less than £20Just attach to the end of your garden hose, and the force of the water will allow you to collect pond debris in the reusable muslin net.

The Laguna Pond Vacuum offers another cable free design to clean your pond. Good value and easy to use, this will bring you a sludge free pond to be proud of.

Electrical Pond Vacuums

The advantage of an electrical pond vacuum is that it will do all the hard work for you. A powerful pump is operated to make removal of dirt and debris quick and easy. There are two systems to choose from; an in-pond vacuum, or a pond-side vacuum.

An in-pond vacuum allows you to carefully control the cleaning of your pond. You hold the device, guiding it to the areas that need cleaning. The leading pond maintenance brands bring good quality vacuums with various features:

A pond-side vacuum takes the strain off of the user as the main waste chamber stands at the side of the pond. This system allows the user to move about easily, and to clean the pond without worrying about the weight created by the waste. Leading brands include:

Cordless Pond Vacuums

The benefit of a cordless pond vacuum is clear. No more messing around with heavy electrical cords, just charge the battery and use this device wherever you need to. The Laguna Cordless Vac is a new design in pond cleaning, and is sure to be popular. A powerful motor is charged up in as little as 4 hours, giving the user 30 minutes of use anywhere. This choice is a great innovation in pond cleaning, giving you quick and easy access wherever you need it.