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Home » Ponds » Solar Pond Equipment

Solar Pond Equipment

Solar Powered Pond Equipment

Considering the running costs of your pond equipment is vital. It makes sense to buy as many free to run products as possible to combat rising electricity prices. Solar powered pond equipment will help to keep your pond looking great, without bringing you extra expenses. Whether you are considering adding a fountain to make a feature of your pond, decorative items to enhance the ponds looks, or need to keep it well oxygenated for the sake of your fish, there are solar products available for all these purposes.

Solar Fountain Pumps

solar fountain pump will not only look attractive in your pond, but the constantly moving water will also help to prevent stagnation. TheBermuda Jupiter Solar Pond Pump has a back-up battery that will store power whilst the sun shines. This allows the fountain to continue working even when the clouds appear. With an easy flow adjuster and four different heads, this fountain is a cost effective way to create a water feature in your pond.

The Smart Solar Sunjet comes in a variety of sizes and power capabilities, all powered by sunlight. Choose whether you want your pump to float on water, or anchor it to the floor of your pond with suckers. If you are looking for a more powerful water feature for your pond, the Sunjet 900 will not disappoint. The direct sunlight that gives this fountain its energy will enable the water to reach an impressive height of 250cm.

Bradshaws Solar Fountain Pump is available in two designs, with or without LED lights. This solar powered water feature offers two different fountain displays, giving your pond a new lease of life. This fountain is great value for money, and will improve the look of your pond without costing you anything to run.

Decorative Solar Accessories

The attraction of your garden pond will be quickly enhanced by the addition of a few selected accessories. Make your pond a beautiful night-time garden feature with Bradshaws Floating Solar Lily Fountain. This Lily couldn't be easier to use, and also features LED lights and a remote control. Powered only by the sun it runs for 2 hours at a time. A basic version of theSolar Lily Floating Fountain is also available without lights.

Solar Oxygenators

Adding oxygen to your pond will help it to remain clean and clear. During warmer weather, reducing stagnation and providing extra oxygen for your fish is essential. Bradshaws Solar Floating Oxygenator Air Pumpprovides a cost free way to oxygenate your pond. No wires or cables, just allow sunlight to the solar panel and your pond will be efficiently oxygenated. Bradshaws Solar Oxygenator is a non-floating option if you prefer not to watch your oxygenator at work.

The Smart Solar Oxygenator Air Pump will work in ponds up to a size of 3000L. With no added running costs, this is a very cost effective option for your pond. And the Tensor Solar Oxygenator will also work effectively in smaller ponds. Easy and free to operate, these solar oxygenators are a great value, practical addition to your pond.