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Home » Watering & Irrigation » Water Butts

Water Butts

A water butt is a great way to collect and store rainwater for watering your garden and houseplants. Rainwater is free from the chemicals found in tap water and is widely considered to be better for your plants. If you are affected by hose pipe bans regularly, a series of water butts will help to keep your greenery watered. A water butt positioned next to the greenhouse provides a convenient supply of water right where you need it.

The water butt is usually filled with rain water from either the roof of your house or greenhouse via the gutter down pipes. The water butt will usually have a hole in the lid through which the down pipe or supply pipe will pass. A diverter or overflow pipe will allow you to fill additional butts or divert the water back into the drainage system before the butt overflows.

Types of water butt

Small greenhouse water butts

Water butts are available in a multitude of different styles, colours and sizes. The small mini rainsaver types are ideal for smaller gardens or the often crowded greenhouse area. Unless the water butt incorporates a built in base, a stand will be needed to raise the butt off the ground due to the low position of the tap and to allow the filling of a watering can. A gravity fed drip watering system can be fitted to the water butt to allow watering of greenhouse plants.

Decorative water butts

Rather than settle for the usual black barrel style of water butt, there are some rather more stylish options available designed to blend in with your garden.

decorative water butt

This 'Water Column' decorative water butt is available in either cream or green and offers a capacity of 333 litres. A larger 555 litre version is also available).

Oak barrel water butts

For the rustic style garden, an original oak barrel provides a stunning water butt. These are original oak whisky barrels with a capacity of 180 litres.

oak barrel water butt

Garden rain water tanks

For serious water storage and conservation in the garden, larger water tanks offer the best solution and can be positioned either above ground or buried out of sight.